Millennium XXL

The front-loader, offering the benefit of a one-man operation, is the cost effective answer to the increasing demands on the industrial and trade management divisions. The waste collection and transport processes are so efficient that no dump vehicles are needed.

Millennium XXL front loader waste collector

With a fixed body and a container changing system (CWS), the Millenium XXL front-loader has a volume capacity of 37-43m3 – that’s 30% more than its competitors! Its chassis wheel base of 3,900mm (3 axles) is unique and its 9 tonne payload per 37m3 volume is only matched by competitors with four axles and a bigger turning circle. The Millennium provides the highest payload within legal limits.

Use: Commercial and industrial service.
Capacity: From 37 to 43 m3.

Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal
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