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Soundproofed watering and flushing equipment

This equipment is characterised by its high level of functionality and versatility as much for undertaking watering and flushing operations as it is undertaking auxiliary work such as fire-fighting. Furthermore, with a wide range of options, it meets customer requirements by adjusting to their needs.

Soundproofed watering and flushing equipment

It is ideal for the watering and flushing of pedestrianised streets, residential zones and gardens without disturbing the environment.

Watering and flushing of pedestrianised streets, residential zones and gardens.
Capacities: From 6.000 to 15.000 litres
Materials: Stainless steel / Carbonized steel with an inner covering of epoxy resin (optional)
Instrument panel: Pneumatic / Joystick control via PLC.
Pump activation: Gearbox or silenced auxiliary motor.
Pressure pump: 30m3/h - 6 bar.
Pressure valves on right side.
2 watering jets
Flushers: Frontal, 1 set of 2 pneumatically directional nozzles.
Variaqua: Automatic flow control system related to speed.
Average consumption savings of 20% (optional)
Vacu-jet: Special nozzle with blowing effect.
Impulse of an air/water mix. Average savings of 60% (optional)
Reel: Manual activation, hydraulic or electric.
Ducted Aluminium directional watering pole (optional).
Finish: Stripped stainless steel / Painted (optional).

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