Automated waste collection system operation plan

Urban refuse development

The installation is able to permanently operate automatically. It only requires assistance in the collection and substitution of full containers.
Only one plant operative is needed and not even every day nor all the working day though s/he must be skilled and have a wide spectrum of knowledge, this being a fundamental aspect.
Essential duties include the general, periodic supervision of the installation, the verification and control of certain parameters as well as the checking of and attention to warnings and alarms that may be generated by the system.
We can operate with limited supervision and increase this in line with activity. This presence is best programmed only during week days and in two shifts that best cover the totality of the hours, one part at first light and the other at dusk.

Though this level of programmed visits may seem low, let us not forget that the process is completely telecontrolled.

This task can be optimized with different measures such as:
• Completing the operative’s working day with preventative maintenance work.
• Combining one supervisor with two or more plants.
• Telesupervize the installations by substituting the plant operative’s work with a mobile circuit of visits and supervision.


Basic scheme of an automated waste collection system

Ros Roca - Basic scheme of an automated waste collection system

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