SCR Social & Corporate Responsibility


Environmental Forum Foundation
Ros Roca Group is a member of the Environmental Forum Foundation, a non-profit organization whose objective is to create a platform for dialogue and work between companies, public administration and the rest of society so as to build and apply together a more sustainable model for development than at present. Ramon Roca is the President of the foundation.

Ros Roca is part of the private foundation Cequip whose main objective is to make innovation the main competitive advantage for sector equipment companies and to assess and strengthen the technological market.

EUnited: The European Engineering Industries Association
This association bases itself on engineering industries making up the basis for a modern industrial society and defining the environment. EUnited is an intermediary between engineering industries and governments. It expresses the requirements of the sector by addressing the economic and social changes of our times.

Ramon Roca, President of the Ros Roca Group is a member of Femcat, a foundation which aims to carry out and support initiatives that help progress in catalan society. A collection of businesspeople, directors and professionals with one common goal: to take a large step forward in the next 10 years, converting Catalonia into one of the leaders, socially and economically, in Europe and the world.

SENDECO2, the European Exchange for Carbon Dioxide Emission Rights (EUAs) and Carbon Credits (CERs) specializing in small and medium-sized companies, is a secondary market which was conceived in September 2004 and made up of a team of professionals with long careers and experience in the capitals and derivatives market. Its main objective is to significantly contribute to the improvement of the environment through the global reduction of greenhouse effect gases into the atmosphere.

A technological centre specializing in the agricultural machinery and industrial equipment sectors. It is dedicated to R&D, the diffusion of technology, the loaning of technological services and specialized training. Situated in the Scientific and Technological Agro- alimentary Park in Lleida (Catalonia, Spain), it is managed by the Foundation the Agricultural Machinery and Industrial Equipment Sector Innovation Centre
Maqcentre’s main objective is to contribute to the modernization and competitiveness of companies in the agricultural machinery and industrial equipment sector and they undertake different actions within their parameters of observatory work, management of knowledge and diffusion of technology, product design and use, tests and practice runs of machinery and specialized training.

Patronage and Sponsorship (social action)

Alba Association
Ros Roca collaborates with the Alba Association for the disabled, a non-profit organization that undertakes care-taking work within the area of intellectual disabilities by requesting their daily on-site cleaning services.

The Blood and Tissues Bank of Catalonia
Ros Roca and Ros Roca Indox collaborate annually in the blood donation campaign organized by the blood and tissues bank of Catalonia by facilitating the blood bank team’s mobility around the corresponding installations to enable workers’ donations.

Tarregà Club Mecenas Trade Fair
Ros Roca is a member of Club Mecenas at the Tarregà Trade Fair. This fair is the most important scenic arts market in Spain and one of Europe’s top events, where a large number of professionals from all over Europe are represented along with thousands of spectators during four days. Furthermore, the Trade Fair is one of Europe’s reference points as a platform for the promotion and contracting of spectacles.

Ramon Roca Boncompte International Prize for Cultural Management Studies
Ros Roca Group together with the Tarregà Trade Fair organize the Ramon Roca Boncompte International Prize for Cultural Management Studies to promote the development and diffusion of investigation in the field of cultural management at a european level.
This prize seeks to promote work on cultural management such as cases of regional impact, compared studies, cooperation, cultural policies, R&D, sponsorship and patronage...
The prize carries a reward of 6,000 €.

This entity works for the good of urban settings. It analyzes cities from a standpoint that there are ever more and that they have become a measuring unit with exacerbated demographics and systems that have to be reviewed due to, above all, tendencies such as consumerism which lead to having to improve problems such as health, services, ageing... In an increasingly globalized world, one has to think out new ways to meet old problems in urban settings. Ros Roca is part of Cityprotocol.

Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal
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