R & D

Ros Roca innovation

True to our goal of promoting a more sustainable society, at Ros Roca we continue to innovate. In order to achieve that, we have an R&D department from which we work to develop new technologies, materials and solutions. Some of the projects developed in our R&D department have already been implemented in cities across Europe.

For years, we have also been working on smart solutions which allow cities to achieve more efficient waste collections. At Ros Roca, we manufacture and commercialize products that improve and optimize the work of waste management companies through a system that calculates the fullness level of the containers and their internal temperature in order to detect possible fires; a locking system for refuse containers that opens with keycards; lifter assisted by refuse collection; electric lifters with dynamic weighing and identification through radio frequencies capabilities, among others.

Venda do Pinheiro, Portugal
Núcleo empresarial da Venda do Pinheiro, Rua D 66, 2665-601 Venda deo Pinheiro.
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